Catering Hire

What makes us different? 


We take great pride in our catering hire range, and are always thinking of ways to make things easier for our customers. All of our hire items are hand polished, and there will never be any water marks or smears on any of our hire items. Your order will be carefully packed in a labelled box (for example ‘Dinner Plate, Cutlery, etc) so everything is always easy to find when you are preparing for an event. If we don’t stock something that you require, please just call and ask! We are always expanding our hire range.

How to Order:

Website: You can order online using our Shopping Cart service

E-mail: You can e-mail your order directly to us using the Contact Us page

Before an order is confirmed in full with us, you will receive an email with an itemised quote. We must first check our availability before being able to send a quote. Once you are happy with your final quote, please contact us to confirm your order.

You are welcome to view our products in person, but an appointment must first be arranged.

Hiring Times: 

Our hire period is based on a 3 – 4 day period. For example Thursday – Monday, or Friday – Tuesday. Extended hire periods are available, please first contact us for a quote.

Final Orders / Numbers: 

We kindly ask for all final orders / numbers on orders no later than one week prior to the delivery or customer collection date. This simply ensures that we have enough stock and can accommodate your order.

Delivery and Collection:

We will deliver your order on the specified day and time and collect the used items when required.

Delivery and Collection Fees are as follows:

60p per mile from our unit in Hanwood to the venue and back, often this is twice for delivery and collection.

A minimum delivery fee of £5.00 is applicable on all orders. For all orders outside of Shropshire that require delivery, a minimum order spend does apply. Please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Additional staffing fees will apply for delivery of heavy equipment like bars and fridges.

There will be an additional charge of £25.00 for delivery/collection on a Saturday or Sunday. Please note between the months of May – September this may not be possible, and please check with Tipples beforehand. Increased distances will incur an additional fee of £50.00 + VAT for delivery / collection on a Saturday or Sunday.

We can deliver your hire order by a specified time, however between the months of May – September, there is an additional charge of £25.00 for this service.

If you require a delivery to be made further afield please contact us for a quote.


Linen must be ordered no later than two weeks before the delivery / collection or event date. As we do not hold linen on site, linen is ordered through an external supplier. We cannot guarantee during the months of May – September linen will be available if ordered two weeks or less before the event.

If you wish to cancel your linen order, this must be done no later than one week prior to the scheduled date of delivery or collection. Linen cancellations after this time will result in full payment of the order.

Once the linen has been returned, we reserve the right to charge for replacements for any missing, or badly damaged items.

There is a small courier fee for linen of £5.00 + VAT.

Not sure about which size cloth you need for your table? You can find our linen hire size guide, here

Linen Size Guide (will open in a new tab)

Charger Plates: 

We must ask that the charger plates are used for presentation purposes only and that food is not placed directly on the charger plates. If any food is placed on the charger plates and scratches / stains occur, you will be charged for a replacement.


The cleaning fee is 30% of the total order cost. Due to our high standards if you wish to return the items clean, then they must be hand polished and have no watermarks or smears. Any items that are returned clean, however do not meet our standards and as a result must be re-washed/polished will incur a 10% fee. Linen, Heavy Equipment and Cake Stands are exempt from this fee.

Please note the prices listed on our website are not including the dirty return fee. 

Gold / Silver Rimmed Glasses and Gold Cutlery must be hand washed in a specific solution. Therefore is must be returned dirty for our team to wash.

For heavy equipment, we ask that the appliances are wiped down prior to being returned. Any appliances with burnt on food, sauces, or that are left in an unacceptable manner will incur the following charges:

Oven: £20.00 + VAT

Gas Hot Cupboard, Electric Hot Cupboard, Mobile Carvery Unit: £10.00 + VAT

Oil remaining in fryer and not drained: £20.00 + VAT

To prevent these charges, we suggest to please wipe any spillages immediately.

Missing Items / Breakages:

Breakages will be charged at the standard replacement cost. This includes missing pieces, chipped and cracked items, bent pieces of cutlery as well as any other damage caused by the hirer. Broken or missing delivery boxes will also be charged at the replacement cost.

If any items are missing, broken, or inadequate for use upon delivery / or customer collection, Tipples must be informed of this in writing to: within 24 hours of receiving the items.

All breakages and losses will be charged at the current replacement value and added onto the final invoice.

We always ensure that goods are packed carefully and are in a secure condition when leaving our premises. The responsibility for breakages shall be the hirers from the time the goods leave our custody until return.

Health and Safety:

All electrical items are PAT tested each year, with all PAT Testing approved stickers affixed to all items. You can find a list of all our power requirements at the following link :

All gas items are checked each year, with gas safety certificates available if required.


Please note that all hire item prices listed on the website are EXCLUSIVE of VAT and dirty return. For any orders that are over £500.00 in value, we do require 50% payment prior to delivery of the order. For any orders that are over £1,000.00 in value, we do require 75% payment prior to delivery of the order. The remainder of the balance is invoiced afterwards, including any missing / broken items. Once your used order has been collected Tipples will wash and count the items and send you an invoice within 5 working days, itemising your hired items and any breakages or losses where applicable. The invoice is to be paid within 14 days by bank transfer (BACS). Please kindly note that we no longer accept cheques.

Minimum Order:

There is a minimum order value of £10.00 before any additional costs are added such as cleaning, delivery, breakages and VAT


Upon delivery or collection, the hirer will take all responsibility for the equipment and/or items and it’s usage.